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What is Koffee Dream?


No, "Koffee Dream" is not a company that makes coffee. The name, however, does symbolize a freshly brewed cup of coffee in the morning. Whether it is daydreaming about your future, reminiscing the ups and downs of your past relationships, or even having a random chat with loved ones at a café, a freshly brewed cup of coffee can help anyone relax and enjoy their "me" time.  Similarly, Koffee Dream strives to produce music that embodies the essence of "fresh coffee."
The "Dream" in Koffee Dream represents our strive in making the goals and dreams of our artists a reality.Once they are in our company, we give them the necessities to pursue their dreams in a genuine way. They bring their personal experiences and unique personality to write lyrics that displays their distinctive characters and auras. When artists have their heart connected to their song, listeners feel a much deeper connection to the artists they listen to.The K-pop industry is currently blooming all over the world. Most Korean singer-songwriters, however, are not labeled as K-pop, but as “Indie.” We have created the in-between artist, which will target both the mainstream K-pop and the Indie genre.